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– Ben ‘Magic’ Brown


My name’s Ben and I’m from the North East of England, UK. I’ve enjoyed playing games since I was young (apparently I started out with Horrace and the Spiders on the ZX Spectrum) and I’ve always had an inquisitive mind, I enjoy asking questions and finding out about the world and, well, everything that interests me so naturally that has lead to me writing about games. And stuff.

I really think that asking questions is important since too often people seem to mock those who do. Certainly, daft questions are, well, daft and so seen as a waste of time, but when that happens to genuine questions where one wishes to expand ones knowledge and mind – what a colossal shame.

Most people, at least, are happy to answer queries and teach people, but there’s always an initial hesitation or bemusement or a level of mocking that I don’t like.

When people assume that certain topics are common knowledge (when they really aren’t) then that creates a stifling atmosphere, an underlying fog of confusion. Why should people assume that everyone knows the exact same things as them? Have we all gone the same experiences? So, then, what’s wrong with wanting to learn more? Isn’t teaching both a noble profession and activity?

I make no assertions that as a writer I know exactly what I’m talking about. I want to ask questions, investigate and try to come up with answers, even when verging on the obvious, I think it’s worthwhile to explore them. And if later on I change my mind, so be it.

Anyway, more about myself: I come from an IT background, career-wise. I’ve also spent several years in the games industry. I naturally enjoy playing games as well designing them and taking them apart. My favourite genres are first person shooters, strategy (real-time and turn-based) and RPGs. Outside of gaming, I enjoy getting fit (Weights and gym), martial arts (Karate and Kung fu), archery (with a recurve bow), reading (sci-fi, fantasy, history and philosophy). I like metal and rock music such as Iron Maiden, ACDC and Metallica.

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