– What is Game Weavers?

Game Weavers (GW) is a fan-based gaming website. The site intends to explore the gaming medium and to assist anyone interested in games whether they are players, modders, developers, programmers, artists or authors of some form of work.

If you enjoy being creative then you’ll like it here.

We can provide assistance by hosting content on the website such as games, mods, articles, tutorials, campaigns and more.

Our slogan is: ‘Ravelling and unravelling the fabric of fun.’

Indeed, if we have a specific goal beyond hosting then it is to understand what makes something fun by picking it apart and analysing it.

This in turn comes down to two general questions as a result:

– What makes for an interesting story?

– What makes a game fun?

These are the questions that Magic seeks to answer in his work on the site.

Do you want to develop games? Are you an artist, programmer, designer or a writer? Do you want to create your own project? Do you want to find like-minded people? Do you need help? Or do you even want to provide it?

If so, then this is the place to get or give creative help.


– Who runs the site?

The administrator of awesomeness is Ben Brown, aka Magic. He’s been part of fan sites for a long time now – while not directly creating the sites, but more writing and organising content. Coupled with four years in the games industry, he’s looking at Gameweavers to be a hub of creativity for like-minded people – and simply a fun place to hang out.


– Are you looking for members? How can I join? Can I get hosting for my work?

If you think you have something to offer then simply get in touch and ask Magic.

Provided your project meets our level of quality, contributors can add whatever content they want (Articles, reviews, mods, games, etc.) and it will be hosted on the Gameweavers site and displayed on the frontpage. You can get full web hosting and a subdomain (http://example.game-weavers.com) as well as technical support. All hosting is free, we simply ask for help in attracting new visitors to the Gameweavers website via a banner or button graphic on your page.

We’re not looking for any specific roles or a number of people, but if you want to help out then just ask. Be sure to mention what you want to do and include samples of your work.

Sample roles include:

– Mod Makers: Are you making a mod or campaign for a particular game?

– Game Developer: Are you making your own game, as a start-up group or a one man indie company?

– Article Writers: Do you enjoy writing articles, tutorials, interviews and reviews?

– News Reporters: Can you scan relevant sites across the net for useful news (Related to gaming, mods, community, industry, etc) that could be posted on the site’s frontpage and forum?

– Moderators: Are you interested in keeping a balance of order and fun in our forum?

Or maybe there’s something we’ve missed that you could do – if so then feel free to ask. Simply contact Magic if you’re interested.


How did the site originate?

GW is the the successor site to Samods (aka the Star Alliance), a gaming group and website founded in 1998 that hosted and developed campaigns and mods for games like StarCraft and Warcraft 3. The site evolved over the years, expanding to general games and other media, but in the last few years it undoubtedly came to a virtual halt in terms of activity as well as the departure of the ‘old guard’ who worked there.

Clearly, the time had clearly come for a reboot and that’s why GW came into being. The focus of GW has shifted somewhat from Samods – rather than being a site primarily for hosting mods and campaigns, GW has a wide scope; it’s for virtually anything to do with gaming and creative pursuits. We hope you decide to stay.




  1. Evilhog - January 10, 2013 19:05

    Hi there! Are you going to *close* samods.org, its forums and the Starcraft/Warcraft GFX repository aka saga.samods.org? If so, any chance these sites will be archived and preserved in some way? There’s some useful content for modders, and, being one myself, I often used these resources in my creations.

    Best regards, Evilhog

  2. Magic

    Magic - January 20, 2013 14:34

    Hi Evilhog,

    Thanks for posting. I’m not sure I’ll be keeping comments open on all of these articles eventually, but for now:

    I will be closing samods eventually, there’s no rush, it’s all on the same hosting and isn’t technically costing me anything. Time and motivation are the big issues at present – my approach to game and mod making, as well as the community, is very different these days.

    Regarding Saga, I had no idea people still used it! Thanks for letting me know, I’ll attempt to move it over to Game Weavers at some point.

    – Magic

  3. AlienOrigin - September 12, 2013 07:09

    Hi. I’m thinking about creating an account to view posts at the forum page of this site and maybe one day even to write a few. I’m just wondering, if I ever later feel the need to delete my account, can I do so by myself or by asking the administrator? I tried my best to see an answer to this from the forum Q/A page but did not find anything.

    I don’t think I will ever have the need to delete it, since this site looks cool. I’m just one of those guys, who doesn’t like to leave a trail of “dead” account lying around all over the internet if for any reason I’d stop using some site actively.


  4. Magic

    Magic - September 26, 2013 17:55

    Hi AlienOrigin,

    I’m going to disable access to the forum until I have time to delete the current one and (somehow) implement a new one that’s tough on spam. I can always delete an account if you ask, just message me on the forum, on here or my email address if it’s on the site (I won’t post it here as there are crawlers everywhere).


    – Magic

  5. AlienOrigin - September 27, 2013 03:04

    Good to know. I’m gonna keep a lookout for that new forums to see when it opens. Thanks.

    And like I already said, I don’t see much reason to leave a site this great once I’m in.

    (Just, believe it or not, my worst account matter was with a certain large video site, that most likely everyone knows. I by accident lost my account password, for some reason didn’t get it to change no matter what I tried, got no response from any of the named site’s contact pages and ended up waiting 3 – 4 years before the account died by… don’t know, old age I guess. Makes one paranoid)


  6. dine - April 15, 2015 14:16

    Hey Magic are you still around? Do you remeber me? drop me a line via the email I left on here if you happen to see this. Some of the old Antioch crowd is converting ANtioch to SC2 and I thought of you, you always did great work. anyway if you’re not interested I hope shit is going well with ya man, been forever.

  7. Magic

    Magic - April 27, 2015 14:56

    Hi dine, a pleasure to see you after so long. I’ve sent you an email.

    I’ve finally began to find some balance of real life (Work, gym, cooking, cleaning and other hobbies) to the site (Writing, recording and editing videos at the moment) so after the long period of silence I hope to have something to show.

    – Magic

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