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Behind the Veil


Author: Magic

About: Once you see how the magic tricks actually work, you can’t go back to ignorance. You can’t be as easily fooled or amazed anymore and you can’t particularly unlearn the knowledge as to how those tricks are performed.

 – Interplay and Fallout – A Critique


Author: Magic

About: I started this article off as part of my look at the possibilities for FallOut 4, but it soon became long enough to stand on its own, so here it is. I could have named this article ‘Interplay vs. Bethesda: Why I’m Rooting for Bethesda’ but that’s not quite the intention, I simply recalled some poor decisions by Interplay regarding FallOut.

Fallout 4 – Predictions and Possibilities


Author: Magic

About: What possibilities are there for Fallout 4 exactly? What next for the wasteland? Where is the franchise headed? Read on and I’ll show you my predictions.

Tips for New Modders or Producers

Author: Magic

About: Magic takes a look at common mistakes by new modders starting their first project.

– Campaign Criticism Etiquette

Author: Magic (Content supplied by Joel Steudler)

About: Joel criticises some of those gamers who, from time to time, need to be criticised themselves – campaign critics!

Story and Campaign Creation Advice

Author: Magic (Content supplied by The Oracle and Weremuppet)

About: Advice from two community veterans for people creating either a campaign, mod or just a story.

The Intricacies of WarCraft


Author: Magic

About: An examination of the WarCraft and other fictional universes, good and evil, the use of cliches in stories and … bastards.

How to Win at StarCraft


Author: Mucky

About: An in-depth guide to units and strategies in Blizzard’s classic RTS StarCraft.

 – The Importance of Context


Author: Magic

About: Context is important in gaming. Isn’t that obvious? Or is there more to it?

You Have to Play the Game


Author: Magic

About: It’s easy to describe a game to someone, right?

 – Replay!

Author: Various

About: A look back at slightly old games to see if they still hold up!

 – One Chance


Author: Magic

About: Shouldn’t you be able to play through a game in one attempt?

 – Do video games make you violent?


Author: Magic

About: In a hard-hitting, comprehensive study and analysis, Magic examines the question “Do video games make you violent?” and provides an answer.

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